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Ceramics China 2016 after-show Report
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Ceramics China 2016 was successfully held in Canton Fair Complex on 27th - 30th, May. In this year, the scale of the exhibition reached 89,000 sq.m (the area of oversea exhibitors occupied around 21.5%), and over 900 exhibitors from all over the world took part in, with the increase of 9.68%.

There were eight exhibition areas displaying more than 200 kinds of new technological products. Hall 1 & 2 were the exhibitors of pigment and glaze-raw materials; From Hall 3 to Hall 8, there was the area of machinery and equipment.Among these, Hall 7 was Keda Area, and Hall 3&8 were for the oversea exhibitors.

Visitor data
The number of professional buyers in the first day was 22,000, and the total number reached 96,236. 30% of the total number of people were from foreign countries. The second day of the exhibition attracted the most professional visitors, which were 40,795.

The main foreign visitors were from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Korea, Thailand, India, Vietnam. 

There were also many visitors from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Japan, South Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Greece, Rwanda, Egypt, Algeria, Uganda, Nigeria. Totally from more than 40 countries.

 Also, more than 20 visiting groups of ceramics manufacturers organized by the local government and association in home and abroad.  Such as South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Bangladesh and Indonesia.Zibo(Shandong), Changge(Henan), Chaozhou(Guangdong), Jingde Town(Jiangxi), Faku(Liaoning) and Jiajiang(Sichuan).

Difference from Last Session
One big difference from the previous Ceramics China is the ceramics upstream enterprises focus more on strengthening the systematization of ceramic tile producing machinery and equipment and providing systematized solutions for ceramic tile manufacturers. The famous foreign machinery and equipment manufacturers of ceramics, SITI B&T, promoted their latest technology and machine which is able to produce bigger format tiles. As for the ceramics materials sector, enterprises such as Esmalglass Itaca, they mainly introduced their new Dry Coloring System in this session of Ceramics China. For the domestic manufacturers such as Keda Clean Energy Co., Ltd, they displayed almost all of the machines and equipment which applied before or after the kiln process.

New Trends in Ceramics China

1. Intellectualization

On the morning of May 28th, Eding Group, located in Hall 4.1, held the press conference for setting up Shenzhou Research Center of Ceramics Intellectual Machinery and Equipment with Guangdong Shenzhou Intelligent Spaceflight Technology Manufacturing Research Institute.

The President of Eding Group, Mr. Jinghao Feng said that the high-efficient R&D system would be built up according to the technical route set as "From one machine to the whole production line" and "From the whole production line to Intellectualization". He also said, "Industrial Cloud equipment system made by Eding Technology will do the big data management and maintenance for checking the operation of machine and equipment which are used in this year. It''s for our clients to have better control and upgrade their equipment." The developing route introduced by Mr. Feng represented the goal of many upstream manufacturers too.

The Italian ceramics machinery manufacturer SITI B&T also promoted their technology of production line of big format tile. Mr. Fabio Tarozzi, President of ACIMAC and CEO of SITI B&T, introduced that this big format production line was not only one machine but one system. From preparation to pressing, from cutting, drying and firing to decorating and inkjet printing, they were all in one system. 

"If in the pressing part, the press is not evenly forcing, the shrinkage will be produced irregularly, that the deformation,or even the cracks of the tile with big size might occur." Product Manager of SITI B&T, Mr. Daniele Brugioni said.

Sacmi launched new XXL 385 single roller kiln; System Group showed the most environmental protection technology of slab; Visitors can also see the new generation of M4 inkjet printer of EFI – Cretaprint, KAJISEKI equipment of TAKAHAMA, 3D exPress technology of Tecnografica and reduction gears of Motovario. Zschimmer & Schwarz, Ferro, Torrecid, Itaca, Metco and Dowstone displayed the latest ink products. Durst, Kerajet, Meijia and Hope showed the latest inkjet printer.

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