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Chinese New Tile Standard Imposed
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The new revised “4100-2015 GB/T” national industry standard for ceramic tiles has been officially implemented from December 1st, 2015.

The new standard makes a limit for thickness of dry pressed ceramic tiles for the first time. In the premise of ensuring the same technical indexes of strength and water absorption, the thickness of ceramic tiles is greatly reduced to promote the development of thinness.

The new standard provides that the thickness should be less than 13.5 mm for the tiles with surface area of more than 6400 square millimeters, the thickness of less than 10 mm for the tiles with surface area of less than 3600 square millimeters and the thickness of less than 11 mm for the tiles with surface area of 3600-6400 square millimeters. It is estimated that only this can save a lot of clay resources and reduce the energy consumption by 10%. 

The new standard also eliminates the tiles made by other methods. Two types of ceramic tiles are classified on water absorption. One is the tile with water absorption 0.5%, and the other with water absorption 0.5%-0.3%. The type with water absorption between 3%-10% is eliminated. 

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