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2015 Export Data of China Ceramic Tile
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Compared with 2014, export sales and export volume of China ceramic tile had a slight rise in 2015, which means that export growth turned from negative to positive. According to the data issued by customs, export volume of China ceramic tile came up to 1.06 billion sq.m. in 2015, with a year-on-year growth of 0.08%. Export sales reached $8.32 billion, with a 6.55% increase year-on-year. Compared with 2013 and 2014, the export sales of 2015 hit a peak of the three years because of the larger export growth in the beginning and end of the year .

Monthly Export Performance

Export Volume

On the basis of monthly export, export volume in February was 71 million sq.m. with the fastest growth of 98.52% throughout the whole 2015. And it showed the minimum of both export volume and growth rate of the year?in March, which was 50 million sq.m., declined by 31.89% year on year. Export volume of the second quarter increased month by month. It saw the monthly maximum of the year in June, with 102 million sq.m. and a year-on-year growth of 23.86%. It is the second fastest growth rate of the year. Export volume declined month by month from July to October, with a negative growth year on year. Export volume declined 10.09% year on year in October, which was the largest decline since April. Export volume rose again?in November and December?month on month. And the maximum in the second half of 2015 appeared in December, with 100 million sq.m. and a 1.28% ?increase over the same period last year, which brought the export back to positive growth.

Export Sales

On the basis of monthly export sales, export sales in January,?November and December were significantly higher than in other months. Export sales stood at $1.01 billion in January 2015, which was the second maximum value. Growth of export sales in February was a 175.74% rise over the same period in 2014, which was the fastest growth rate in 2015. Export sales declined in March compared with the same period in 2014, which was $414 million, the minimum value of the year. No substantial improvement appeared from April to October, export sales declined year on year, with about $600 million monthly. And the largest decline was 20.87% in July. Export sales rose again significantly in November and December, with the growth of 34.13% year on year in November and $1.02 billion in December.

Mainly Export Areas in 2015

Guangdong took up more than 70% of the total export sales. According to the data issued by customs, export sales of Guangdong ceramic tile added up to $6.15 billion in 2015(up 2.2%), accounted for 73.95% of the total export sales. Export growth of Guangdong increased 1.59% compared with 2014, however, proportion of the total export sales fell by 3.15%.

The top three export growth areas were Chongqing, Sichuan and Yunnan in 2015, with a year-on-year growth of more than 80%. All of the three are located in western China. Guangdong and Fujian enjoyed the largest proportion of the export sales, while their growth rates were lower than the national average. The growth rate of Liaoning was at the bottom of the top 10 areas of export sales.

Export to Different Countries

According to the data issued by customs, the top five trading countries that China ceramic tile export to are Vietnam, USA, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. Export sales to Vietnam was $1.04 billion in 2015(a 63.3% increase year-on-year), accounted for 12.54% of the total ceramic tile export sales. Data of USA was $497 million(increased by 46.37% year-on-year), took up 5.97% of the total export sales, while Malaysia was $442 million with decline of 6.86% year on year, was responsible for 5.31% of total.

Export sales to Vietnam, UAE, USA and Philippines increased significantly in 2015, with more than 30% growth. Vietnam market has ranked first to the export target markets since 2014 with its rapid growth, which increased by 4.36% this year than last year. USA ranked second in 2015 with its 1.62% proportion higher than?the same period last year. However, proportion of Malaysia and Indonesia were declined in 2015, respectively 6.86% and 27.18%.

Export to Different Continents

Over 60% of China ceramic tile exports were digested by Asia. Based on the data from customs, the overall export value to Asia from China was $5.31 billion(up 11.23%), which accounted for 63.84% of the total export value. The export value has increased by 2.68% this year than last year.

Exports to North America, Asia and Oceania were in positive growth in 2015. Exports to North America increased 42.46% from one year earlier, ranking the first on the growth rate. However, exports to Africa, South America and Europe were under negative growth in 2015. And exports to Europe showed a large decline with 31.98% year on year.

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