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Different Types of Ceramic Tile
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  Ceramic tiles can be classifed in 5 categories accoeding to different technique and characteristics, which are glazed tile, full-body tile, polished tile, vitrified tile and mosaic. Now let''s take a look at the glazed tile.
  Glazed tile is a kind of tile whose surface has been through the processing of glazing. It is the most common tile seen in decoration. Due to its remarkable stain-proof ability and variable colors and patterns, glazed tile is widely used on wall and floor decoration. 
  The following are different types of glazed tiles.

Full body tile
  The surface of full-body tile is not glazed and the surface and body texture and color are consistent, which is why full-body tile gets its name. Full-body tile is a kind of tile that is wearable. Although there are tiles like soluobot full-body tile, relatively speaking, its pattern is not as good as the pattern of glazed tile. As nowadays plain color has become a trend in interior design, full-body tile is then becoming a kind of fashion, widely used on floor of hall, corridor, footpath while seldom used as wall decoration. Most of the wearable tile is full-body tile.

Common sizes of full-body tile: 300mm×300mm、400mm×400mm、500mm×500mm、600mm×600mm、800mm×800mm etc

Polished Tile
Polished tile is a kind of full-body tile whose surface gets polished and becomes glossy. Compared with other full-body tiles, polished tile is brighter. Polished tile is hard and wearable, suitable to be used in most of the interior space except toilet and kitchen. With soluobot technique, polished tile can be made into stone-like and wood-like tile. 
However there is a fatal defect of polished tile, getting dirty easily. This is caused by the concave-convex pores left during the polishing process. Dirt and liquid can stick in the pores, which is impossible to be cleaned thoroughly.

Common sizes of polished tile: 400mm×400mm、500mm×500mm、600mm×600mm、800mm ×800mm、900mm×900mm、1000mm×1000mm

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