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The Xaar 1002 raises the standard in single-pass inkjet printing
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The Xaar 1002 raises the standard in single-pass inkjet printing.  Building on the market-leading Xaar 1001, this printhead delivers ?exceptional print quality and unrivalled reliability. 
Available in three drop size variants, the Xaar 1002 is the printhead of choice for a range of applications such as ceramic tiles, direct-to-shape, labels, laminates, packaging and other types of product decoration.
The Xaar 1002 printhead combines Xaar''s TF Technology? and Hybrid Side Shooter? architecture for use in horizontal and vertical (skyscraper) jetting modes. This unique arrangement ensures that the printhead remains continuously primed and delivers maximum production uptime even in the harshest industrial environments.

Ultimate versatility
Easy to integrate and is backwards compatible with Xaar 1001
Using Optimised Geometry nozzles, the All New Xaar 1002 jets solvent, oil and UV-curable inks and other fluids with a wide viscosity range. This broadens the choice of fluid and enables the use of heavily pigmented or high viscosity inks and varnishes, including opaque whites and ceramic inks
The improved uniformity of the All New Xaar 1002 ensures it is fully scalable so that long print bars with multiple printheads are simple and even quicker to set ??up, and printhead replacement is streamlined
Xaar''s systems components, including the XUSB, XPM,  HPC3 and  Xaar''s Hydra, are designed to optimise the performance of the Xaar 1002; they are also easy to configure and integrate, reducing time-to-market
Xaar works closely with the world''s leading ink manufacturers to develop approved inks with optimised waveforms for precise and reliable jetting performance.

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