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Ceramica Flaminia adopts new SSK kiln
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Ceramica Flaminia, a major player in the Civita Castellana (VT) sanitaryware district, has made a major investment aimed at raising output and improving quality.

A long-standing Sacmi customer, Ceramica Flaminia recently purchased a new SSK 440/198-8 triple load (8 + 8) tunnel kiln suitable for firing vitreous china and fine fireclay sanitaryware items.

With a load volume of 110 cubic metres and an effective car loading width of 4230 mm, this kiln can handle more than 500 pieces over a 12-16 hour firing cycle. Design features that ensure exceptional output quality include precise firing curve control by means of software and optimised burners which distribute heat evenly, thereby calibrating delivered power to the real manufacturing needs. The kiln also has low maintenance requirements thanks to the refractory plates that are used to line the inner kiln wall and prevent product contamination.

This latest order follows on from the supply of ATM pressure casting systems with robotized demoulding and ALS systems without robotized demoulding, which have been operational at the Civita Castellana plant for a number of years

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