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Many Large-Size Production Lines Are Being Built in Sichuan
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In November, Jiajiang County (located in Leshan City in Sichuan) held the launch ceremony of 15 new projects, whose total investment was RMB 1.52 billion yuan, for building large-size production lines. In fact, before this plan, Jiajiang has started another investment of 12 projects with a total investment of RMB 1.58 billion yuan for large-size production lines of ZHUFENG External Wall Ceramic Tile, SUOFEIYA Full Glazed Tiles, etc.

In recent years, the new built production lines with large size in Jiajiang production base basically keep good operation, and there are new lines beginning production continually.

This year, many new production lines of ceramic companies have already started production, including ceramic chip line of GUANGLE Ceramics, full glazed tile line of SUOFEIYA Ceramics, Spanish tile line of MILANNUO Ceramics, external wall tile of ZHUFENG Ceramics. In addictions, the full glazed tile lines from GUANGLE in Jiajiang County, XINYALE in Hongya County and BAITA in Neijiang County are also being built, and will be all in production before January, 2016. Product Manager from BAITA Ceramics tells Mr. CTW that after all new lines start productions, their old lines will be eliminated because old production lines are in disadvantage of cost.

Some ceramics companies which are going to build new lines prefer to stop production rather than keep producing tiles due to the high cost with not large production volume from old production lines. According to Mr. He Dexiang, General Manager from MILANNUO Ceramics, the production cost of ceramic chip line is at least 20% more than the cost of new line.

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