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Small-Size Production Lines Focus on Upgrading
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Under the cost pressure from large-size lines, a part of old and small production lines are forced to be stopped and closed. But more and more small ceramics companies ride a wave of improving production lines and promoting the quality of products. Avoiding the direct price competition and seeking advantages of differentia competition are their current survival strategies.

Companies with large-size production lines will not easily create new product or position themselves in high-end market. Also, there are many large-size production lines, so ceramic companies are easy to fall into homogeneous competition.

But when it comes to the individualization product and high-end tile product, small-size production lines will show their strength - flexibility, which large-size production lines don’t have. It’s easy for ceramic companies with small-size lines to occupy the market segment. Thus, with this advantage, companies with small lines will also pay more attention to spending more time and money on searching new equipment and machinery for upgrading the products.

JINTAO Ceramics upgrades their production line this year. They invest more than RMB 6 million yuan to improve the technology and buy new machinery and equipment of polishing and drying. Apart from this, they also apply different kinds of pigments added with ink jet technology. JINTAO Vice President, Mr. Rao Chungang mentions that, “Though so far, our production capacity of single line in ceramic chip doesn’t reach 20,000 sq.m per day, if it was a large-size production line which can produce30,000 - 40,000 sq.m per day, we will face a huge burden from sales, and that probably would affect the upgrading of our products.”

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