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Ceramic China 2016 --- a Platform for Functional Ceramics
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Functional ceramics 
Functional ceramics play an important role in many fields including automatic controls, instrumentation, electron, communication, energy, transportation, metallurgy, chemical industry, fine mechanics, aerospace, national defense, etc. 

Items on Display
1.Technical Ceramics: Semiconductor ceramics, pottery, dielectric ceramic insulation, luminescent ceramics, sensitive ceramic, microwave absorbing ceramics, ceramics used in laser, nuclear fuel propellant ceramic, the solar energy light conversion ceramics, ceramic solid cells, damping ceramics, biological technology ceramic, catalytic ceramic, special function thin film.
2. Electron device: All sorts of function sensor porcelain, Electric ceramics, electrical porcelain, porcelain insulation device, ceramic, ferroelectric ceramic, semiconductor ceramic capacitor and ionic ceramic
3. Analysis testing equipment

Innovation drive, intelligent transformation – the era of robot is coming.

As labor- intensive industries, as well as under the pressure of rising labor cost, energy conservation and emissions reduction, ceramic industries have to speed up the upgrading and transformation of the mode of development urgently. 

It is inevitable to replace man with robot and the time of robot in ceramic industry is coming.

We will so no to high investment, high energy consumption, high pollution and low benefit industry.

We will say hi to green, low carbon, environmental protection and efficient modern industry.

We should seize opportunities and face the challenges during the time of the transformation and upgrading. 

Exhibits range:

Ø  Industrial robot product line

Ø  Glaze spraying robot system

Ø  Stamping loading robot system

Ø  Robot automatic polishing grinding system

Ø  Robot automatic welding system

Ø  Robot automatic palletizing system

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