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CeramicsChina 2014 World Promotion in UAE
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Dubai, economic center and financial giant of the Middle East, is well known for its energy resources, and image of always in magic construction. The annual event BIG 5 is undoubtedly the best platform for ambitious entrepreneurs to squeeze into the rich market, especially as the 2020 Dubai World Expo and 2022 Qatar World Cup approach. 

BIG 5 – 2013 
On Nov.24-28, CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council, the organizer of Ceramics China 2014 selected its international promotion tour in Dubai BIG 5, a giant party swarming with top ceramics manufacturers and powerful buyers. More than 60 Chinese companies exhibited in the fair, and Foshan were in the lead, then Gao’an, a new origin of China Pavilion with 10 local companies. Moreover, companies from Shandong Zibo and Jiangsu Yixing, two famous ceramics centers also brought their masterpiece products. Eagle Ceramics, New Zhongyuan Ceramics, and most Chinese companies exhibited polished tiles, wood finish tiles, rustic tiles and water permeable tiles, right up Middle East buyers’ alley. Foshan companies agreed that, Middle East was a major export market, and especially neighboring areas centered on Dubai. Ms. Li from Gao’an Greenland Co., Ltd. and Mr. Liang from Guoliang Ceramics said, “As the internal market in hyper-competitive, it’s necessary for Gao’an to explore the external. As one of the most important ceramics centers, Gao’an will attend more international events. ”

Besides China, UAE, Spain, Italy and other countries also had new products in the fair. Italian and Spanish exhibitors majorly exhibited ceramic sheets, which attracted Arabs contractors’ attention and they were amazed at the water absorption and bending degrees. The world largest ceramic tiles producers RAK expressed that, RAK could produce 100,000 square meters per day, and its production capacity could easily satisfy any contractor’s need. 


Ceramics China 2014 with Brazil, Spain & Turkey 
During promotion tour in Dubai, CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council visited all ceramic companies. They expressed surprise and support for the coming-up Ceramics China 2014. Ms. Fernanda from ApexBrasil said, “As an important country in producing ceramic tiles, Brazil is very concerned about new technology. Chinese machines companies developed very fast, and they give Brazilian companies much more choices.” CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council signed a long-term Agreement with ApexBrasil in promoting Ceramics China 2014 in the South America. Moreover, CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council also built cooperation relationships with Spain ICEX and Turkey Antalya Export Federation.   


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